Great online resources

In my online searches for information related to game design and programming, I have come across some really great websites and online tutorials. I believe these resources would come in useful to others searching for similar content, and have listed them below with descriptions (The list is by no means over, I will be adding links here whenever I come across any useful information)

  • NeHe OpenGL Tutorials – A great site containing tutorials on OpenGL, but the lessons are a bit old. Nevertheless, their is a great amount of relevant information that is very useful for an OpenGL programmer (When I checked last, the site had a new look and was showing signs of having some OpenGL 4.0 tutorials ready to spin off…)
  • Swiftless OpenGL lessons – Another great site containing over 30 lessons in OpenGL. The nice thing about this site is the simple approach taken in teaching OpenGL concepts (which is not an easy task!)
  • Math for game programmers – A blog post series explaining some great topics on much needed mathematics in game programming, in an applicable and practical manner.

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